2019: Join me in the fight for children´s eye cancer!!

Because the diagnosis of retinoblastoma is detected too late and many more children’s sight and lives could be saved if people learn about the early signs of retinoblastoma.
In the hopes of raising 10,000€ for a global awareness campaign, I am going to be running my 3rd Sprint Triathlon on the 23rd of June in Düsseldorf and this year I want to do it in less than 2 hours.
This is a huge challenge for me, not only in the raising of money but also in the training and the competition itself.
To accomplish both I need your help and support, because I am sure we can do it together!!

I want to I would like to thank, which has supported us donating 3,000€.

niño kaks
kaks niños

This year we met wonderful people, like Oscar and Martha, who have known the hard way of fighting and overcoming the Retinoblastoma that affected their youngest son’s eyes at the age of 7 months old, today he is a great young guy and has a brilliant future ahead.

They, together with so many other parents, want to spread acknowledge of this disease, especially because its early and easy detection, would save sight or even death to many children.

To do so, we need a lot of help: We want to make a worldwide awareness campaign through the Children’s Eye Cancer Foundation in Germany: KAKS [link] which has set itself the goal of promoting retinoblastoma research.

Most children must have an eye prosthesis as a result of the therapy. Many are severely visually impaired. The children are involved in a close-knit, year-long follow-up program.
In almost all cases the children could have been diagnosed earlier, the loss of one or both eyes could be avoided, and much gentler therapies could be used.

The fundamental problem is that the population may see this cancer but does not recognize it. A retinoblastoma can be seen on a white pupil on flash photos. However, due to a lack of knowledge about the symptoms, this easily recognizable illness is often not diagnosed on time and there is little information available for affected parents, doctors and educators.
We want to change that. Using a media education campaign.

My Challenge – Sprint Triathlon

As some of you know, I have been doing triathlons for several years. And this year, next June 23rd , I will do my third sprint triathlon in Düsseldorf (750m swimming; 20Km biking; 5km running).
Preparing a triathlon is demanding for me, but also for my family, who see how I dedicate more time to sport and also support me, follow me and encourage me in every step, in every stroke, in every kilometer.
But this journey is less costly when we think that in some way we can help, to raise funds for further research and training to fight this terrible disease.

I want to dedicate these last weeks of preparation, as well as the effort of the competition, to the example and courage of these families, with the hope that this challenge, -together with all our donations-, serves so that we all together can promote and spread the word of the KAKS Foundation which devotes all its effort to diffusion and research. They want to make a change!


KAKS – Kinder Augen Krebs Stiftung

Retinoblastoma is the most common eye tumor in childhood. It is a malignant, very aggressive tumor that emanates from genetically modified immature retinal cells and, if left untreated, leads to death. There are unilateral and bilateral retinoblastomas, depending on
whether one or both eyes are affected by the cancer. The tumor occurs almost always before the age of 5, since the growth of retinoblastoma can only emanate from immature retinal cells. The average age at diagnosis is approximately 23 months for unilateral
retinoblastomas and approximately 12 months for bilateral retinoblastomas.
In many cases, a retinoblastoma is detected too late, resulting in the loss of one or both eyes, resulting in chemo- or radiotherapy, in the worst case leading to death.


Givethlon es una plataforma que estamos creando para que cualquier persona pueda donar cualquier tipo de esfuerzo hacia una causa solidaria.

El objetivo de Givethlon es poner en valor el esfuerzo de conseguir cada meta y donarlo hacia una causa solidaria


Givethlon is a platform that we are creating so that anyone can donate any kind of effort towards a charitable cause.

The goal of Givethlon is to value the effort of achieving each milestone and donate it towards a charitable cause


Mit Givethlon haben wir eine Plattform geschaffen, deren Zweck es ist jedem die Möglichkeit zu geben seine eigene Leistung einem guten Zweck zu widmen.

Givethlon gibt der persönlichen Leistung damit einen ganz eigenen Wert, welcher dann einem speziellen gemeinnützigen Zweck zu Gute kommen soll.